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Cortez History

The Official Website of Mr. Cortez

Vista Heights Middle School

The Spirit of Reform in the 1800s

No Free Answers Tonight (bad dinner)

Andrew Jackson - Monday, 1/27/14

1) c

(2) c

(6) True

(9) True

(10) True

(13) False

(19) spoils system

Study Guide: America Begins to Grow

1) Federalists and Democratic-Republicans

2) Thomas Jefferson

3) Jefferson said he would defend states' rights and try to limit the power of the national gov't

7) Napoleon needed money to pay for his ongoing wars in Europe, and he realized that Louisiana was undefendable

12) the War Hawks were congressmen who urged Congress and the President to go to war against Britain; the main War Hawks were Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun

16) The Treaty of Ghent

20) sectionalism means that regions of the country fight for their own regional interests, instead of what's good for the entire nation

22) The Monroe Doctrine was President James Monroe's declaration to Europe that they must stay out of the affairs of the newly-created Latin American countries. In other words, Latin America was closed to further colonization

The War of 1812 - Monday, 1/13/14

(2) True

(4) True

(6) False

(9) False

(10) True

(15) False


(1) c

(4) c

(6) impressment

(10) War Hawks

(13) Baltimore

(14) Francis Scott Key

Study Guide: The Critical Period and Constitution

Q. What was the first constitution of the United States called?

A. The Articles of Confederation

Q. How would you describe the Critical Period? When was it?

A. The Critical Period was the time period after the Revolutionary War, when the US constitution was the Articles of Confederation. The Critical Period ended in 1789, when the new US Constitution was ratified. The Critical Period was a time filled with problems, mostly due to the fact that the national government was weak, and the states had too much power.

Q. Explain the significance of Shays’ Rebellion. (pg 225)

A. Shays' Rebellion demonstrated to many that the Articles of Confederation was too weak a constitution. The rebellion led many national leaders to call for a Constitutional Convention, in order to strengthen the national government.

Q. Who was the president of the Constitutional Convention? (pg 230)

A. George Washington

Q. What was the Great Compromise? (pgs 231-232)

A. Roger Sherman's "Great Compromise" (also called the Connecticut Compromise) solved the issue regarding representation in Congress. It created a bicameral legislature - a Senate and a House of Representation. Delegates to the Senate would be based on equal representation, each state sending two. The number of members sent by each state to the House would be based on population.

Q. What is a republic? (pg 222; 245)

A. A government where the people elect their representatives, and which is governed by the rule of law.

Principles of the Constitution - Tuesday, 10/22/13

(2) c

(3) b

(5) a

(7) true

(9) false (he "vetoes" it)

(11) f

(12) a

(20) i 

United States Constitution - Monday, 10/21/13

(2) seven

(5) Congress

(11) Amendments

(14) 5th

(15) 1st

(17) 3rd

(19) 2nd

(22) 1st

(33) 8th

(34) 27th

(35) 15th

(42) 11th

(43) 17th

(47) 23rd

(48) 12th

Colonization of America Study Guide - Tuesday, 9/10/13

Free Study Guide Answers:

5) As a soldier, Captain John Smith brought order, structure, and a strong work ethic to the Jamestown settlement in Virginia. He forced the settlers to farm and build sturdy homes, among other things. Tobacco became a "cash crop" and made the Virginia colony rich and significant, thus attracting more settlers and keeping them prosperous.

6) In addition to slavery, the colonies employed a system of indentured servitude. Under this system, poor Europeans could secure passage to the colonies if they agreed to work for a number of years on a plantation. These indentured servants often worked for years in miserable conditions to secure their freedom.

9) When the Pilgrims landed in 1620, they drafted the Mayflower Compact, a document that established Plimouth Plantation as a "civil body politic," under the sovereignty of King James I of England. Every man was required to sign it. More powerful in many ways than the House of Burgesses, the Mayflower Compact set up what some consider America's first true self-government (except for the self-governing Native Americans).

10) They were called "Separatists" because they wanted to separate from the Church of England.

12) William Bradford wrote "Of Plimoth Plantation"

14) a government where the people rule (through voting)

20) a written plan of government

25) Plymouth, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut (Plymouth becomes part of Massachusetts later)

Colonial Government - Thursday, 9/5/13

1) law

4) Great

6) lawmaking

7) appointed

8) elected

10) House of Commons

11) monarch

15) overthrow

Colonial Period: Ways of Living - Tuesday, 9/3/13

1) gentry

2) middle class

6) master

8) wood

12) mattresses

13) fireplace

15) beds

17) linsey-woolsey

20) a "bigwig"

25) hot chocolate

26) epidemic

29) spelling bees

32) bowling

35) cats and dogs

37) witchcraft

39) parents

41) New England Primer

45) oxen

48) word of mouth

The Pilgrims - Monday, 8/20/13

4) c

5) c

6) Church of England

8) John Smith

13) b

15) d

17) False

19) True

The Jamestown Settlement and the English Settlements in America Notes - Tuesday, 8/20/13

No free answers tonight because the Homework is to draw 5 pictures ... that's it.

Europeans Establish New World Empires - Monday, 8/19/13

Your assignment was to complete the entire packet. Make sure you read this homework assignment carefully, since there is a lot of important history in there. Here are some free answers to get you started:

(1) Indies

(3) Admiral

(5) continent

(10) England

(18) Catholic

(25) rum

(27) slaves

Page 62C:

(1) French

(4) Russia

Make sure you do a good job answering the Thought Questions! They will be graded!


All students are required to have a school planner.

- Bible Study is every Monday and Thursday during second lunch in room C-1. Bibles are available.

- We're looking for students to participate in "Nintendo Memories" and "I'm Just Sayin'" ... Let me know if you're interested.

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