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Why I Support School Uniforms

Posted on July 1, 2011 at 12:59 AM

I am well aware that the most hated combined two words in a student’s vocabulary are school and uniforms (but perhaps summer and school are considered more terrifying).  However, I believe that a good case can be made in favor of school uniforms, so please consider the following six arguments.

First, uniforms are usually less expensive for most families than back-to-school shopping every August.  Moreno Valley Unified is considered a low-income school district.  Clothing costs lots of money these days, and our economy is hurting.  School uniforms would save families money.

Second, gang-related dress-code issues would be reduced.  It bugs me every time I see some wannabe gangster (a “wangster” ) sagging his goofy pants, trying to look cool.  While theoretically a student could still sag his Dockers while wearing his school uniform, it wouldn’t be as cool, so kids probably wouldn’t do it.

Third, dress-code violations would be practically eliminated.  We have dress code violations on a daily basis at our school, and most of the time it’s the females who are breaking the rules. School uniforms would completely remove dress code discipline.

Fourth, many students would spend less time and energy loving themselves in front of a mirror each morning,and more time getting ready for school. I think it’s safe to say that the average girl at Vista Heights spends more time in the mirror than in homework.

Fifth, with uniforms, campus staff could easily spot non-Vista Heights students and keep our school safe. (Perhaps this would also eliminate the need for school IDs!)

Sixth, kids can be cruel to each other these days.  In fact, some kids are what we call the “fashion police,” kids that pick on other kids for the way they dress.  Uniforms - since everyone is dressed the same - would reduce peer pressure.

These are only six reasons why I support school uniforms – there are more.  What do you think?  Did I convince you?

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