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Lengthen the School Year!

Posted on August 16, 2012 at 12:00 AM

According to an analysis of education around the world, the United States' modern education system is in need of much help. I believe I have a possible solution, so please allow me to try to convince you that our short,180-day school year needs to be lengthened.

The school year: 180 glorious days of learning and then… three months of NOTHING.  Summer vacation has been in place for decades and centuries – but that was when it had a purpose. Today, a long hiatus after the school year puts both our nation and our nation’s future – the students – at a disadvantage. The tradition of a lengthy summer vacation is antiquated: itwas put in place long ago when we were a nation of farmers, and a long summer break meant time for children to help bring in the harvest.  Let’s face it: These days, most kids don’t go home after the last day of school and harvest crops. And no, playing Farmville on Facebook doesn’t count.

So yes, three months of summer vacation is basically pointless. But is it harmful?  I think so. Because our nation holds to a short (yes, I said short) 180-day school year, we are unable to compete educationally with other world powers.  Many industrialized nations, including Japan, have school years that are over 220 school days long. Our short school year puts us at a disadvantage to other nations around the world, and thus stifles our advancement as a nation.

Lastly, the education system is supposed to prepare kids for real life – WORK. Once you graduate high school or college, you are thrown into the real world where your boss doesn’t work you for 180 short days, with multiple vacations and flex days throughout the year.  You have to go to work EVERY DAY.  This means that our current school system is failing in giving students a true preparatory experience.

These are only a few of the reasons I support lengthening our school year.  If you agree or disagree, I welcome your opinion!


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